Skills Innovation Network

The Skills Innovation Network is a global member-driven network of skills innovators interested in sharing ideas and experiences and collaborating to develop and scale innovations that support skills development for employability of workers, productivity of enterprises and promoting social justice.

The Skills Innovation Network seeks to:
  • CONNECT innovators, ILO Constituents, TVET institutions, academia, and development practitioners working on similar issues on skills development around the world.
  • ENGAGE the network’s members in collaborative discussions around key challenges in skills development through exchanging solutions, sharing experiences, and learning each other to turn ideas into real-world innovations.
  • ACCELERATE innovation around skills development by making knowledge, experience and expertise available and searchable.
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Focus areas

The Network primarily focuses on eight key areas that are crucial to realize its mission.
  • Apprenticeships and work-based learning
  • Assessment, Certification and recognition of Skills
  • Career, Entrepreneurship and Employment Services
  • Data and Analysis for Skills Development
  • Industry- institute linkages, Clusters and Skills Ecosystems
  • Sectoral Approaches
  • Training Delivery
  • Social inclusion
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The Core Group

A Core Group, composed by a selected group of top innovators who submitted the best applications to the 1st Skills Challenge Innovation Call, is leading the design and implementation of the Network’s vision and activities.

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Get involved

The Network will serve as a dynamic platform to connect diverse stakeholders such as government, employers, workers, academics, innovators, and public and private investors to create an ecosystem that support innovation for skills development.

Participation is open to individuals and organizations who can register as:
  • Innovators – become a member of the Network, to be updated on the latest advances in innovation and skills development and get access to tools, resources and knowledge-sharing events that you can use to build new solutions.
  • Partners – become a recognized partner and work with the ILO in setting up the direction of the network and maximizing its reach and impact. You can sponsor Skills Challenge Innovation Calls, join experts groups, co-host knowledge-sharing events or workshops, produce joint publications, and co-design innovative solutions on the ground.
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