World Day for Safety and Health at Work

The theme of the campaign for 2015 is: 

Join in building a culture of prevention on OSH

A national occupational safety and health culture is one in which the right to a safe and healthy working environment is respected at all levels, where governments, employers and workers actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment through a system of defined rights, responsibilities and duties, and where the highest priority is accorded to the principle of prevention.

This year, we will improve the SafeDay web page with new and user-friendly information to design your own campaign. You will be able to download a number of other key documents including the trilingual poster. However there will not be a report as in previous years. We invite you to visit our interactive web page as from March 2015. Please keep us informed on the activities that you will develop in this context.

The ILO celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on the 28 April to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally. It is an awareness-raising campaign intended to focus international attention on emerging trends in the field of occupational safety and health and on the magnitude of work-related injuries, diseases and fatalities worldwide.

The 28th of April is also a day in which the world's trade union movement holds its international Commemoration Day for Dead and injured Workers to honour the memory of victims of occupational accidents and diseases and organize worldwide mobilzations and campaigns on this date.

With the celebration of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the ILO promotes the creation of a global preventative safety and health culture involving ILO constituents and all key stakeholders in this field. In many parts of the world, national authorities, trade unions, employers' organizations and safety and health practitioners organize activities to celebrate this date. We invite you to join us in celebrating this significant day and share with us the activities you organize.