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  1. Our impact, their voices

    Young female entrepreneur strives to transform the medical sector in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

    12 August 2021

    Nasreen Hassan, who recently took part in ILO’s Start Your Business (SYB) training programme, explains how her business idea to advance medical engineering can change lives and create employment in Iraq.

  2. Press release

    ILO, USDOL launch new project to support rural workers

    11 August 2021

    Men and women rural workers will benefit from a new ILO, USDOL partnership to support COVID-19 recovery through decent work, and improve health and safety at work, gender equality and labour law compliance in agriculture, fishing and mining in the Philippines.

  3. ILO in action

    New schools and new teachers in southern Madagascar

    10 August 2021

    In the latest in the ILO in Action series of video stories, ILO national project coordinator, Holiarivony Ramiarintsoa, explains how a joint ILO, UNICEF and WFP programme in southern Madagascar aims to increase school enrolment, improve the quality of education and strengthen institutions by building schools and training teachers.

  4. Our impact, Their voices

    Decent work along the supply chains: Nurturing women’s entrepreneurship in Nepal

    03 August 2021

    A step towards formalization of women-led, small and micro home-based enterprises in Nepal’s supply chains helps business and workers alike.

  5. Webinars

    Knowledge development series on formalization in BRICS countries

    The knowledge series will provide space for a reflection on how to overcome the existing challenges in formalization of the informal economy and will provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience among various stakeholders of BRICS countries.

  6. ILO in action

    A win-win for young refugees and local farmers

    02 August 2021

    The third of our ILO in Action series of video stories takes us to an ILO refugee project located in Bassikounou, Mauritania. Led by ILO Chief Technical Advisor, Federico Barroeta, the project trains young people in building public infrastructure. In the locality of Lemkhaiss, they are helping to build a dam that will benefit livestock agriculture, the development of seasonal farming and will also reduce risks linked to flooding.

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    Our impact, Their voices

    Sustainable cotton farming brings better lives for farmers and their families

    02 August 2021

    ILO is working with global fashion giant Inditex to reduce the vulnerability of cotton-farming families in India so that children can experience their childhood without work and the families are able to support themselves.

  8. Press release

    ILO Secures €8 Million from EU for Projects in Sierra Leone

    28 July 2021

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) has signed an €8 million partnership agreement with European Union for implementation of feeder road maintenance and youth entrepreneurship programme in agricultural value chain in Sierra Leone.

  9. ILO in action

    Strong labour laws make decent work a reality

    27 July 2021

    The latest in our ILO in Action video series spotlights Georgia, where the ILO worked with the government to draft extensive amendments to its labour code and a new law on labour inspection. Without strong labour laws there can be no decent work, says Chief Technical Advisor, Cătălin Ţacu.

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    Indonesia strengthens its internal coordination for work in fishing

    27 July 2021

    To be more compliant with ILO Convention No. 188 on Work in Fishing, ILO assisted a technical meeting to strengthen coordination with stakeholders to better protect workers in the fishing sector.