ILO Decent Work Team for South Asia and Country Office for India (DWT/CO-New Delhi)

The ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team (DWT) for South Asia and Country Office for India is a centre of excellence to realize Decent Work for sustainable social and economic development in South Asia. The Office provides knowledge-based, high quality technical and advisory services to tripartite constituents in Member States on a wide range of issues and builds partnerships to effectively promote ILO values and principles in support of the work-programmes of the ILO Country Offices in the South Asia subregion.

What's new

  1. ILO-VVGNLI National Tripartite Seminar: Enhancing Labour Administration’s Performance and Strengthening Tripartite Social Dialogue

    13 October 2015, New Delhi, India

    An ILO-VVGNLI national seminar on labour administration and tripartite social dialogue will be organized on October 13th to present research findings as well as to discuss a work plan on the way forward.

  2. ILO Deputy Director-General for Policy visits India

    ILO Deputy Director-General for Policy, Ms Sandra Polaski visits India to meet with the constituents and other stakeholders.

  3. Report

    From India to the Gulf region: Exploring links between labour markets, skills and the migration cycle

    This report examines the linkages between labour demand, its relationship to skills and the impact of the recruitment process on these aspects with a focus on migration from India to the GCC.

  4. Workshops

    Validation workshops: Strengthening labour administration and social dialogue in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala

    A series of workshops will be organized in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Trivandrum with the aim of validating state-level studies on labour administration and social dialogue conducted in the respective states.

    • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 27 August 2015
    • Mumbai, Maharashtra, 28 August 2015
    • Trivandrum, Kerala, 9 October 2015
    • Bangalore, Karnataka, TOC

  5. ILO Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific visits India

  6. Human Trafficking

    Labour migration: The dark side of the coin

    A new ILO study exposes the pitfalls of labour migration for women domestic workers both within India and abroad and provides policy-makers and service providers with deeper insight into the nature of forced labour and trafficking in the region.

  7. Feature - HIV/AIDS

    Looking beyond the fence: HIV/AIDS workplace programmes in India

    How the ILO supports companies in India to adopt workplace HIV/AIDS programmes benefitting workers and their families and communities.

  8. The ILO and the G20

    The ILO actively supports the G20 in its role as the premier forum for international economic cooperation.

  9. The Post-2015 Development Agenda

    As a result of the September 2010 MDG Summit, UN Member States initiated a process to advance the development agenda beyond 2015 and are now leading a process of open, inclusive consultations on the post-2015 agenda.

Key resources

  1. India Labour Market Update

    ILO Country Office for India | August 2015

  2. World Employment and Social Outlook - Trends 2015

    Formerly entitled Global Employment Trends, the World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2015 includes a forecast of global unemployment levels and explains the factors behind this trend, including continuing inequality and falling wage shares.

  3. Global Wage Report 2014/15

    The Global Wage Report 2014/15 reviews the main trends in wages in developed, emerging and developing countries. It also analyses inequality in the labour market and in household income.

  4. Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour

    The study investigates the underlying factors that drive forced labour, of which a major one is illegal profits. Figures include a breakdown of profits by area of forced labour and by region.

  5. G-20

    India's Response to the Crisis