Overview of Time-Bound Programme policy options and interventions (TBP MAP Guidebook IV)

Provides an overview of the various types of upstream measures and downstream direct interventions that might typically be incorporated into a TBP framework. It elaborates upstream measures, that is, those aimed at creating an enabling environment. These include measures taken in the areas of labour legislation, legal framework and social policy; social mobilization; education and vocational training policy; macro-economic environment, employment and poverty reduction strategies; and capacity building. The Guide Book then turns to the downstream direct interventions included under the categories of education and vocational training; economic empowerment of vulnerable families; capacity building at the local level; rapid response mechanisms; and community mobilization and awareness raising. Consideration is given to two basic approaches to programme interventions, that is, sectoral vs. geographic. This includes elaboration of advantages and disadvantages of each. The concept of “good practices” is finally considered in the Guide Book – what constitutes them and how they can be promoted.

Instructional material | 01 December 2003