ILO master class: Gender equality at the workplace

Boosting your organizational performance by advancing equal opportunities


The business case for diversity in the workplace is now overwhelming. McKinsey’s Delivering through Diversity report found corporations that embrace gender diversity were more competitive and 21 per cent more likely to experience above-average profitability. They also had a 27 per cent likelihood of outperforming their peers on longer-term value creation.

Forward-thinking organizations should be looking for ways to employ and empower more women at work – not just as a moral obligation, but also as a sound business strategy. Different perspectives on customer needs, product improvements and company wellbeing fuel a better business.

Gain the skills to lead and manage change for greater gender equality in your workplace through the ILO Gender Equality Master Class. Over four weeks, you’ll develop a holistic understanding of what gender equality means for the modern business, and learn how certain initiatives can be executed to improve business performance. Further develop your leadership competencies, and foster inclusivity to drive organizational value with insights from thought leaders.

What to expect from this master class

This course is designed for professionals interested to apply HR strategies aligned with international best practice. Managers, supervisors, HR specialists, ESG analysts, recruiters and consultants will gain practical skills for fostering inclusivity in teams and companies. Participants will learn how to harness practical human resources and leadership tools, communication strategies and metrics, and benefit from networking with a cohort of like-minded peers.

The course’s learning outcomes have broad application across various industries, including corporates, government, non-profits, and the wider public sector.

On completion of this course, you’ll walk away with:
  • Expert-led insights into how to achieve greater gender equality and inclusion in your workplace.
  • Practical actions to advance gender equality you can apply immediately.
  • ILO certificate upon attendance of at least six of eight sessions and completion of the final assignment.
  • Vietnamese experts completing this course can apply to become resource persons for the Vietnamese course version in the fall.


  • Session 1: Gender equality – a free boost to your enterprise performance? The business case for gender equality and introduction to key concepts. Date: Tuesday, 15 June, 3pm Viet Nam time
  • Session 2: Voice equality How to make meetings and leadership more inclusive and effective. Date: Thursday, 17 June, 3pm Viet Nam time
  • Session 3: Inclusive hiring Organizational strategies to select, retain and develop diverse talent. Date: Tuesday, 22 June, 3pm Viet Nam time
  • Session 4: Equal pay Understanding the gender pay gap and how it can be closed over time. Date: Thursday, 24 June, 3pm Viet Nam time
  • Session 5: Work climate How to address sexual harassment through effective policy and action. Date: Tuesday, 29 June, 3pm Viet Nam time
  • Session 6: OSH with a gender lens Ensuring occupational safety and health works for all your staff. Date: Thursday, 1 July, 3pm Viet Nam time
  • Session 7: Work-life balance Creating a modern workplace through flexible work, parental leave and child care. Date: Tuesday, 6 July, 3pm Viet Nam time
  • Session 8: Action planning Making gender equality an organizational priority through action planning. Date: Thursday, 8 July, 3pm Viet Nam time
Please click here for detailed agenda of this workshop.