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Publications & Technical tools

  1. ILO Policy brief

    Preventing exclusion from the labour market: Tackling the COVID-19 youth employment crisis

    27 May 2020

  2. Publication

    ILO Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (No. 190): 12 ways it can support the COVID-19 response and recovery

    14 May 2020

    This note highlights the relevance of the ILO Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (No. 190) to the current COVID-19 pandemic. It provides examples of work-related violence and harassment that have been reported across countries in the context of COVID-19 and mentions specific provisions of Convention No. 190 and its accompanying Recommendation No. 206 that can help prevent and address those situations.

Training materials

  1. Instructional material

    Safe Return to Work: Ten Action Points

    21 May 2020

    This tool, based on “A 10-step tool for a safe and healthy return to work in times of COVID-19” developed by the ILO Regional Office for Latin America and Caribbean, provides guidance to employers, workers and their representatives on preventive measures for a safe return to work in the context of COVID-19.

  2. Guidelines – Template ToRs

    How to mainstream conflict-sensitivity, social cohesion and peacebuilding in COVID-19 socio-economic/labour market assessments

    20 April 2020

Promotional materials

  1. COVID-19 and gender equality

    The COVID-19 response: Getting gender equality right for a better future for women at work

    22 May 2020

    Despite COVID-19, many women in the informal economy have continued to work, putting their health in peril, while many other women are employed in sectors at high risk of job losses or reduction in working hours. Getting gender equality right in the COVID-19 response is key to ensure the return to a better normal.

  2. Talk to Al Jazeera

    ILO chief: Workers in informal economy face 'utter destitution'

    21 May 2020