Safety + Health for All

An ILO Flagship Programme

COVID-19 Response

Safety + Health for All offers a tailored set of interventions to address the immediate and longer-term safety and health needs of constituents related to COVID-19. The programme is repurposing operations to provide assistance in adopting national and workplace policies and measures, including through the integration of biological hazards and emergency preparedness in enterprise risk management, and national/ sectorial plans of action to avoid recurrence of contagion in workplaces. In particular, based on a rapid assessment, the Vision Zero Fund is setting-up immediate fast-track support to countries where it is operating to provide sector-specific responses applicable to garment and agriculture global supply chains. 

The issue

Safe and healthy work is the right of all workers and a foundation of sustainable development. Yet, almost 2 million people die from work-related causes each year. In addition to incalculable suffering, lost workdays represent almost 4% of the world's annual GDP. 

The Safety + Health for All Approach

Safety + health for All adopts a focused approach to reduce the incidence of work-related deaths, injuries & diseases. The programme focuses on 4 strategic areas - building knowledge, strengthening national capacities, creating conducive national frameworks and promoting demand for safe and healthy workplaces and targets:
  • Hazardous sectors such as agriculture and construction
  • Workers with higher vulnerability to occupational injuries and diseases: young workers (15-24), women and migrant workers
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Global supply chains