Publications on labour migration

April 2005

  1. Publication

    Facts on Safety at Work

    07 April 2005

January 2005

  1. Publication

    Trafficking and exploitation of Chinese migrants in France

    01 January 2005

    (Only available in French) Cette étude porte sur les migrants nouvellement arrivés qui travaillent dans plusieurs secteurs de l'économie souterraine.

  2. Publication

    Migration of health workers: Country case study Philippines

    01 January 2005

    Working paper 236

September 2004

  1. Publication

    Migrant workers and human rights: Out-migration from South Asia

    08 September 2004

    This publication is in line with ILO mandate in support of migrant workers. The studies covering five countries in South Asia - Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were undertaken from August to November 2003. It presents an overview of out-migration from South Asia and is intended to be utilized as background material for the General Discussion on Migrant Workers at June 2004 Session of the International Labour Conference.

June 2004

  1. Publication

    A fair deal for migrant workers in the global economy

    01 June 2004

    This was the ILO report for the General Discussion on Migrant Workers at the 92nd Session of the International Labour Conference, June 2004. It is a flagship report reviewing trends in international labour migration, conditions and treatment of migrant workers, international instruments, governance of migration and ILO responses.

May 2004

  1. Publication

    ILO Migration Survey 2003: Country summaries

    31 May 2004

    Provides a summarized analysis of responses to the International Labour Migration Survey received from 93 ILO member States. Examines national labour migration policies and legislation and indicates the participation of employers' and workers' organizations in policy formulation. Summarizes multilateral and bilateral labour migration agreements and investigates the rights, benefits and social protection of regular and irregular migrant workers. Looks at regularization mechanisms for irregular migrants and national mechanisms for the protection of nationals abroad.

  2. Publication

    Towards a fair deal for migrant workers in the global economy. Report 92 VI

    13 May 2004

    International Labour Conference, 92nd Session 2004, Report VI, this report explores patterns of migration in the context of a globalizing world and examines the impact of migration on countries of origin and destination countries. Investigates the conditions of work and treatment of migrant workers and assesses international regulations and ILO activities. Discusses the available opportunities for improving the management of migration. Includes a summary of replies to the ILO International Labour Migration Survey 2003. This title is available in electronic format only. Please click on the link below for the full text version.

  3. International Migration Papers No. 71

    Options for migration policies in the long term development of Mauritius

    10 May 2004

  4. International Migration Papers No. 69

    Labour market effects of immigration: An empirical analysis based on Italian data

    03 May 2004

February 2004

  1. Publication

    The Cross-Border Movement of People

    29 February 2004

    This article examines the theme of migration from the perspective of the report of the World Commission of Social dimension of Globalisation. The movement of natural persons across national borders has been increasingly recognized as a source for the greatest potential economic gains for developing countries.