Publications on HIV/AIDS

February 2011

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    Women, Girls and HIV and AIDS: Education, Women's Economic Empowerment and Workplace Violence (ILO/UNAIDS/UNESCO)

    28 February 2011

    Today, evidence points indisputably to the important intersection of HIV and gender inequality. In 2010, women and girls accounted for more than half of all people living with HIV (about 52%). They are disproportionately affected by gender-based violence, suffer economic inequalities and shoulder the bulk of the burden of caring for people living with HIV.

January 2011

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    ILO thematic update - ILO in UN Cares: HIV and AIDS at UN workplaces

    31 January 2011

    As a lead agency for HIV and AIDS workplace policies and programmes and private sector mobilization, the ILO plays a key role in UN Cares programmes as well. In partnership with different UN agencies, UNAIDS and UN Plus / organizations of persons living with HIV, the ILO contributes to UN Cares, not only for its own staff but also for staff in other agencies. Here are a few examples highlighting ILO actions in UN Cares at headquarter and field levels.

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    HIV and AIDS related employment discrimination in China

    14 January 2011

    This report reviews the current state of HIV and AIDS workplace discrimination in China and summarizes a broad body of existing research as well as reviews new research conducted by the ILO and Maries Stopes International. The findings point to a trend of increasing discrimination against workers that contradicts both national policies and international standards. This body of work highlights numerous cases of employment discrimination in several key practices and puts forward a set of recommendations aimed at improving the situation.

December 2010

  1. Publication

    HIV/AIDS and the World of Work: a prevention & social protection perspective

    22 December 2010

    A two-week capacity-building course on HIV/AIDS and the world of work offered by the ILO Training Centre in Turin (Italy), with a prevention and social protection perspective.

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    Simple ways to manage HIV @ your workplace

    01 December 2010

    A booklet by the Government of Uganda and ILO/AIDS to help workplace actors better understand and implement Uganda's National Policy on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work.

April 2010

  1. Publication

    Joint WHO/ILO policy guidelines on improving health worker access to prevention, treatment and care services for HIV and TB

    28 April 2010

    The primary purpose of these guidelines is to draw together previously developed clinical and policy guidelines, along with recent evidence, into a coherent set of recommendations that aim to provide improved access of health workers to HIV and TB services.

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    Strengthening the HIV/AIDS response: Towards a new international labour standard - ILO constituents strengthen their leadership in the HIV/AIDS response

    01 April 2010

    The ILO will reach a major milestone in the global response to HIV/AIDS when the International Labour Conference votes on the adoption of an international standard on HIV/AIDS and the world of work in June 2010, almost a decade after the launching of the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS. Once the standard is adopted by the representatives of governments, employers and workers of ILO member States, it will be the first international human rights instrument entirely dedicated to HIV/AIDS and applicable to all workers in all sectors, formal and informal, as well as to jobseekers, laid-off workers and persons in vocational training.

January 2010

  1. Publication

    On the right track – HIV/AIDS: A resource book

    01 January 2010

    This booklet looks at the impact of HIV/AIDS – how it is a threat to railway enterprises and how railway workers are particularly vulnerable to the infection. It also explains about the social partners in the railway industry, namely workers and employers who have come together to develop the toolkit with the International Labour Organization (ILO). The booklet also provides suggestions on how railway enterprises and railway trade unions can work together on the issue of HIV/AIDS. This involves a comprehensive response at the workplace, and also a recognition of the importance of railway systems for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS as well as care and support for many sections of the population. The booklet includes a glossary with definitions and abbreviations used in the toolkit.

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    On the right track – Fact Sheets

    01 January 2010

    There are many myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS. This booklet is a set of eight fact sheets explaining the facts.

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    On the right track – Learning materials

    01 January 2010

    This booklet contains learning activities, games and role plays for use in education and awareness-raising programmes.