HIV prevention, treatment and care in prisons and other closed settings: a comprehensive package of interventions

This policy brief by UNODC, ILO and UNDP was launched at the Washington XIX International AIDS Conference, to underline the urgency of developing national AIDS responses that include people in prisons.

The brief proposes a comprehensive package of 15 interventions to address HIV in prisons settings:

- Information, education and communication;
- HIV testing and counselling;
- Treatment, care and support;
- Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis;
- Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV;
- Condom programmes;
- Prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections;
- Prevention of sexual violence;
- Drug dependence treatment;
- Needle and syringe programmes;
- Vaccination, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis;
- Post-exposure prophylaxis;
- Prevention of transmission through medical or dental services;
- Prevention of transmission through tattooing, piercing and other forms of skin penetration; and
- Protecting staff from occupational hazards.