Breaking the cycle of poverty involves creating new cycles of opportunity and local wealth creation. The ILO is developing an agenda for the community of work, represented by its tripartite constituents, to mobilize their considerable resources to create those opportunities and to help reduce and eradicate poverty. Poverty is not just a problem for the poor. World political and social stability and security is difficult to envision if such large numbers of people continue to be trapped in cycles of poverty or see few opportunities in a global system that seems discriminatory and unfair.

Key resources

  1. Working out of Poverty: Director-General's report

    Focuses on the working poor and the poor who are excluded from work. Shows the 'decent work dividends' that accrue to families and societies as a whole through a concerted effort to attack poverty.

  2. Poverty Reduction Strategies


  1. Issue brief

    Issue brief: Poverty reduction through tourism

    May 3, 2011

    Hotels, Catering and Tourism (HCT) is one of the fastest-growing economic sectors in countries around the world. It can significantly contribute to social and economic development and to poverty reduction in least developed countries (LDCs).