Indicators for Labour Standards

Instructional material | 06 June 2017
SDG Indicators under ILO custodianship (alone or jointly with other agencies)
  • 8.3.1 Proportion of informal employment in non‑agriculture employment, by sex
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  • 8.8.1 Frequency rates of fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries, by sex and migrant status
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  • 8.8.2 Level of national compliance of labor rights (freedom of association and collective bargaining) based on International Labour Organization (ILO) textual sources and national legislation, by sex and migrant status
  • 14.c.1 Number of countries making progress in ratifying, accepting and implementing through legal, policy and institutional frameworks, ocean-related instruments that implement international law, as reflected in the United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea, for the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans and their resources

SDG Indicators under custodianship of other agencies but where the ILO is a partner agency
  • 16.10.1 Number of verified cases of killing, kidnapping, enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention and torture of journalists, associated media personnel, trade unionists and human rights advocates in the previous 12 months

Other SDG Indicators
  • 5.4.1 Proportion of time spent on unpaid domestic and care work, by sex, age and location
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Other Indicators
  • Collective bargaining coverage rate
  • Days not worked due to strikes and lockouts by economic activity
  • Hours of work by sex and economic activity
  • Minimum wage
  • Number of labour inspectors per 10'000 employed persons
  • Prevalence and number of persons in forced labour, disaggregated by children (aged 17 and below) and adults (aged 18 and above) and by sex and migrant status
  • Trade union density rate