Strengthening the Social and Solidarity Economy in Asia

The project aims to contribute to raise awareness on the concept of the social and solidarity economy, and develop and strengthen policies on the SSE in Asia and the Pacific region.

The scope, nature and understanding of SSE differs from country to country. In the Asia Pacific region, this knowledge base is still in its initial stages.

To support its constituents in overcoming these gaps, the ILO has undertaken an initiative to strengthen national policies that will enable SSE organisations to realise their transformative potential in twelve countries Asia through a first (2019-21) and second phase (2021-23) of the project.

During the first phase the ILO undertook multiple country case studies on the SSE based on the analytical tool. The case studies present the SSE landscape, policy challenges and preliminary pathways for strengthening the SSE in six countries in Asia (China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Republic of Korea). Based on the findings from the research, capacity building activities were carried out for the relevant stakeholders. The ILO is continuing with its second phase (2021 to 2023), expanding the scope to six additional countries — Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Through this project, the ILO believes that practitioners, policymakers and other stakeholders concerned with the SSE in Asia and the Pacific region will be better equipped with common understanding on values and contributions of the SSE to decent work and sustainable development. This understanding ultimately results in forming better SSE policies tailored to the national context in the region and developing a normative model for the SSE across all twelve countries of Asia.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Republic of Korea.

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Capacity-building Follow-up activities

Key resources from the second phase (2021-2023)