1. Framework agreement of cooperation on immigration between the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Guinea

    09 October 2006

  2. Framework agreement of cooperation on immigration between the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Gambia

    09 October 2006

  3. Tackling hazardous child labour in agriculture: Guidance on policy and practice

    01 October 2006

    This toolkit has been produced to help policy-makers ensure that agriculture is a priority sector for the elimination of child labour. The guidebooks included in this package provide policy-makers and stakeholder organizations with information and ideas needed to plan, formulate and implement policies and programmes to tackle hazardous child labour in agriculture.

  4. Facts on Child Labour

    12 June 2006

  5. Global Report 2006: The End of Child Labour: Within Reach

    07 June 2006

    As part of the ILO core labour standards, the elimination of child labour is a target of the World Commission report on the social dimension of globalization. This ILO’s Global Report on Child Labour presents a new global agenda to the elimination of child labour.

  6. The end of child labour: Within reach

    01 June 2006

    The fight against child labour in the world continues to be a daunting challenge, but this Global Report provides evidence that a breakthrough could be in the making. We are beginning to see an encouraging reduction in child labour – especially its worst forms – in many areas of the world.

  7. Global child labour trends 2000 to 2004

    01 June 2006

    There are an estimated 218 million child labourers worldwide. 126 million are in hazardous work. While the incidence of childrens work is highest in Sub-Saharan Africa, the largest number of child workers are found in the Asian-Pacific region. Comprehensive global estimates are published by the ILO every four years. This report provide detailed data by age group, sex, major region and sector of activity.

  8. Supporting the Time-Bound Programme to eliminate the worst forms of child labour in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland (Midterm Evaluation Summary)

    01 June 2006

    Project: RAF/03/50/USA Evaluation Consultants: Zenda Ofir (team leader) and Lise Kriel

  9. National Programme for the Prevention and Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Ukraine (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 April 2006

    Project: UKR/01/50/USA Evaluation Consultant: Natalia Astapova

  10. West Africa Cocoa and Commercial Agriculture Project to combat hazardous and exploitative child labour (WACAP) (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 April 2006

    Project: RAF/03/06/ICA Evaluation Consultant: Stanley Asangalisah