ILO Research Department Training

Online Tripartite Training on how to Communicate Evidence

There is a growing consensus among decision and policy makers that communicating high-quality formal research evidence and data into the decision-making process is essential to have effective and efficient policies.

Communicating context-specific, accessible and timely data is a key element of the policy making process. Communication is critically useful for both agenda-setting and policy. Therefore, communicating evidence can provide critical insights to policymakers and equip them to curate smarter policies. That being said, understanding communication tools and methods as well as optimizing them for policy usage is complex and nuanced. The planned training will essentially break down these nuances into digestible sessions and enable participants to answer questions such as “How to better communicate research evidence/data in the policymaking process?” and “How to use communication tools to influence policymaking. In this process, we hope to impact the value of communication, awareness of relevant tools and instruments, and knowing how to develop a communication strategies. The essence of this training is to provide effective communication tools, instruments and strategies to ILO’s tripartite constituents by building their capacity to guide and influence policies. It hopes to equip them with the hard and soft skills required to effectively communicate evidence (research and data) to their intended audience.