Meeting documents

November 2010

  1. Meeting document

    Preview of the Programme and Budget proposals for 2012–13 Addendum

    04 November 2010

  2. Meeting document

    Report of the Director-General - Sixth Supplementary Report: Appointments to be made with respectto the Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention (Revised), 2003 (No. 185)

    03 November 2010

  3. Meeting document

    Developments concerning the question of the observance by the Government of Myanmar of the forced labour convention 1930 (No. 29)

    03 November 2010

    This report fulfils the obligation stemming from the resolution on the widespread use of forced labour in Myanmar adopted by the 87th Session (1999) of the International Labour Conference that there be a standing Governing Body Agenda item on this subject. The paper addresses activities undertaken and progress made since the last report.

  4. Meeting document

    Matters arising out of the work of the 99th Session (2010) of the International Labour Conference

    03 November 2010

    Part I of this paper deals with four cross-cutting issues that are guiding the immediate follow-up work of the Office and its plans to implement the conclusions of the resolution concerning the recurrent discussion on employment adopted at the 99th Session of the Conference. These are: strengthening existing areas of work; responding to new priorities; promoting better national and international policy coherence; and changing work methods. Part II takes up each of the six strategic employment themes covered in the conclusions and describes initial steps taken by the Office and future plans to act on the main priorities identified there to respond more effectively to the realities and needs of ILO Members.

  5. Meeting document

    Use of the Special Programme Account

    03 November 2010

  6. Meeting document

    Improving the functioning of the Governing Body

    03 November 2010

  7. Meeting document

    ILO response to the crisis

    03 November 2010

    This paper takes stock of the ILO’s response to the global economic and financial crisis and sets out proposals for the next stages of ILO support to an overall weak but highly differentiated economic recovery.

  8. Meeting document

    Other questions: Sectoral activities 2010–11

    02 November 2010

  9. Meeting document

    Improvements in the standards-related activities of the ILO

    01 November 2010

    This document provides elements for a discussion within the Committee on the ILO’s standards policy component that would complement the three other components of the standards strategy. It reflects the outcome of consultations held in February and March 2010 and contains specific proposals by the Office for a comprehensive approach to strengthen that policy. The paper also provides an update on the implementation of the interim Plan of Action concerning improvements in the ILO standards-related activities.

October 2010

  1. Meeting document

    Status report on future renovation activities

    29 October 2010

    This paper consists of three main parts: a description of the headquarters building renovation project, including a time frame and cost estimates; a proposal for the financing of the project; and options for future maintenance and renovation of ILO buildings and properties. The first two parts are for decision whereas the third part (paragraphs 60–70) is for debate and guidance.