Meeting documents

February 2011

  1. Meeting document

    Improvements in the standards-related activities of the ILO - ILO standards policy: An approach for a robust and effective international labour code

    28 February 2011

  2. Meeting document

    Audit questions - Report of the Independent Oversight Advisory Committee

    28 February 2011

  3. Meeting document

    Update on strategic priorities for 2010–11: Supplement - Selected examples

    24 February 2011

    This paper supplements the update on strategic priorities for 2010–11 presented in November 2010 (GB.309/MNE/1) and provides selected examples received from various ILO technical units on ILO initiatives, including with multinational enterprises, to promote the principles of the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (MNE Declaration).

  4. Meeting document

    The sectoral dimension of the ILO’s work - Update of sectoral aspects in the context of economic recovery: Education and research

    23 February 2011

  5. Meeting document

    Sectoral activities 2010–11 - Follow-up to the resolution concerning tonnage measurement and accommodation adopted by the 96th Session of the International Labour Conference

    23 February 2011

    Recent developments at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) concerning possible changes to, or interpretations of, the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969.

  6. Meeting document

    Composition and structure of the staff

    23 February 2011

  7. Meeting document

    Results-based strategies 2011–15: Evaluation strategy – Strengthening the use of evaluations

    23 February 2011

  8. Meeting document

    Choice of Conventions and Recommendations on which reports should be requested under article 19 of the Constitution in 2012

    23 February 2011

    The theme of the General Survey that should be prepared by the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations in 2012 and discussed by the Conference Committee on the Application of Standards in 2013, and the instruments that would be covered in this General Survey.

  9. Meeting document

    Report of the Director-General, Fifth supplementary report: Measuring decent work

    23 February 2011

  10. Meeting document

    Report of the Director-General, Third Supplementary Report: An update on the Participatory Gender Audits and future prospects

    23 February 2011

    This paper presents the Participatory Gender Audit (PGA) and its development over the last ten years as a tool for assessing progress towards gender equality. It reports on both the internal and external results achieved and lists the countries where constituents and partners have undertaken PGAs and related training. It also highlights the recognition of the PGA by the UN system as an acknowledged methodology for gender mainstreaming at the operational level. The paper points out that further adaptations and innovative use of the PGA, including new ways of financing and expanding international interest, are being explored.