Meeting documents

July 2015

  1. 324th Session of the Governing Body of the International Labour Office

    Draft Minutes of the Institutional Section

    22 July 2015

  2. Provisional Record No.17

    Fifteenth plenary sitting of the Conference

    17 July 2015

    Saturday, 13 June 2015

  3. Provisional Record No.16

    Twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth Plenary sittings of the Conference

    09 July 2015

    Thursday 11 and Friday 12 June 2015

June 2015

  1. Meeting document

    Programme of the 4th Regulating for Decent Work Conference

    29 June 2015

  2. Meeting document

    Registration form for the 4th Regulating for Decent Work Conference

    29 June 2015

  3. Provisional Record No.8-2(Rev.)

    Second report of the Finance Committee of Government Representatives

    29 June 2015

    Second item on the agenda: Programme and Budget proposals for 2016-17 and other questions

  4. Meeting document

    Recommendation No. 204 concerning the Transition from the Informal to the Formal Economy

    23 June 2015

    Text of the Recommendation adopted by the Conference at its 104th Session in Geneva, on 12 june 2015.

  5. Meeting document

    ILO Programme of meetings 2015-16 (2015 - No.2)

    19 June 2015

  6. Provisional Record No.15

    World of Work Summit (11 June 2015)

    19 June 2015

    Panel discussion: Climate Change and the World of Work. Special sittings: Addresses by Mr Kailash Satyarthi, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; His Excellency Mr François Hollande, President of the French Republic; and His Excellency Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez, President of the Republic of Panama

  7. Meeting document

    Invitation letter

    19 June 2015