Meeting documents

October 2021

  1. GB.343/INS/INF/5

    Work plan on the strengthening of the supervisory system: Proposals on further steps to ensure legal certainty and information on other action points in the work plan

    27 October 2021

    The document captures the outcome of the informal tripartite consultations held in January 2020 encompassing a tripartite exchange of views on proposals to consider further steps to ensure legal certainty, based on the Office paper on the elements and conditions for the operation of an independent body under article 37(2) of the Constitution and of any other consensus-based options, as well as the article 37(1) procedure. The document provides further information on progress in implementing certain proposals of the work plan to strengthen the supervisory machinery. Note: The consideration of this item has been deferred from the 338th Session (March 2020) to the 343rd Session (November 2021) of the Governing Body and it is presented to the present session for information. The content of the document is the same as GB.338/INS/5 with a few adjustments in paragraph 68 and Appendix II.

  2. GB.343/INS/10(Rev.1)

    Report by the Government of Bangladesh on progress made with the timely implementation of the road map taken to address all outstanding issues mentioned in the complaint concerning alleged non-observance of Convention No. 81, Convention No. 87, and Convention No. 98.

    27 October 2021

    In version "Rev.1" of 27 October, the draft decision has been corrected.

  3. GB.343/INS/3/3(Rev.1)

    Matters arising out of the work of the 109th Session (2021) of the International Labour Conference: Analysis of the measures taken to promote the effective functioning of the Conference

    21 October 2021

    This document reviews the arrangements implemented at the first part of the 109th Session of the Conference in June 2021 with a view to drawing lessons that could contribute to further improving the functioning of the Conference in future sessions (see draft decision in paragraph 55). In version "Rev.1" of 21 October, the draft decision has been corrected.

  4. Report IV(Rev.)

    Inequalities and the world of work

    20 October 2021

    In the "Rev." version of 20 October 2021, corrections were introduced in paragraphs 32 and 35.

  5. GB.343/INS/INF/1

    Approved symposia, seminars, workshops and similar meetings

    20 October 2021

  6. GB.343/POL/1(Rev.1)

    Update on ILO occupational safety and health programmes, activities and resources

    20 October 2021

    This document provides an update on the ILO programmes, activities and resources relating to occupational safety and health, with a particular focus on the 2018–19 and 2020–21 biennia (see the draft decision in paragraph 24). In version "Rev.1" of 20 October, the draft decision has been corrected.

  7. GB.343/POL/2(Rev.2)

    Sectoral meetings held in 2021 and proposals for sectoral work in 2022–23

    20 October 2021

    The Governing Body is invited to take note of the reports of the meetings held in the first half of 2021, and to authorize respective follow-up and; to endorse the proposals in relation to global sectoral meetings for 2022–23; (see the draft decision in paragraph 23). In version "Rev.2" of 20 October, the date of one meeting have been updated.

  8. Meeting document

    Membership of the Committee on Freedom of Association and of other Bodies (2021-2024)

    20 October 2021

  9. ILC.109/IV/Points for discussion

    Inequalities and the world of work: Suggested points for discussion

    15 October 2021

  10. GB.343/INS/9(Add.1)

    Addendum: Summary of the communication from the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela of 11 October 2021

    15 October 2021

  11. GB.343/INS/8

    Follow-up to the resolutions concerning Myanmar adopted by the International Labour Conference at its 102nd (2013) and 109th (2021) Sessions

    15 October 2021

  12. GB.343/INS/6

    Proposals for including safe and healthy working conditions in the ILO’s framework of fundamental principles and rights at work

    15 October 2021

    In accordance with the revised road map adopted at the 341st Session (March 2021) of the Governing Body, this document addresses process-related questions and possible forms of the decision of the International Labour Conference, including the placement of a technical item on the agenda of the 110th Session (2022) of the Conference (see draft decision in paragraph 52).

  13. Meeting document

    GB-composition (2021-2024) Rev.1

    14 October 2021

  14. GB.343/INS/15

    Composition, agenda and programme of standing bodies and meetings

    13 October 2021

  15. GB.343/INS/9

    Consideration of all possible measures, including those foreseen in the ILO Constitution, required to ensure the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s compliance with the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry within the required time frame

    13 October 2021

  16. GB.343/INS/INF/2

    Report on the status of pending representations submitted under article 24 of the ILO Constitution

    13 October 2021

    As requested by the Governing Body, this document provides information on the status of pending representations submitted under article 24 of the ILO Constitution.

  17. GB.343/POL/3

    Enhanced programme of development cooperation for the occupied Arab territories

    12 October 2021

    This document reports on progress of ILO interventions within the context of the programme of development cooperation in the occupied Arab territories. In the light of the deteriorating socio-economic conditions for Palestinians that were further aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent hostilities in May 2021, the Governing Body is invited to: (i) take note of the incessantly challenging situation for Palestinian workers, particularly women and youth, and support the ILO in furthering decent work and social justice for all Palestinians; (ii) take note of the significant achievements made since the last reporting period, despite all challenges, particularly the renewed tripartite dialogue on social security and labour law reforms, the launching of the National Employment Strategy and the increase of the national minimum wage; and (iii) the urgent need to support the Office in helping the Palestinian Authority and social partners to mobilize the needed funds to address the soaring unemployment situation and achieve a human-centred recovery, particularly for women and youth in Gaza (see the draft decision in paragraph 33).

  18. ILC.109/Tentative programme of work (Rev.2)

    Tentative programme of work of the 109th Session of the International Labour Conference (2021)

    12 October 2021

  19. Meeting document

    The future of work in the education sector in the context of lifelong learning for all, skills and the Decent Work Agenda

    12 October 2021

    Final report from the Technical Meeting on the Future of Work in the Education Sector in the Context of Lifelong Learning for All, Skiils and the Decent Work Agenda (Geneva, 17-21 May 2021)

  20. GB.343/INS/7

    Annual report on the implementation of the ILO technical cooperation programme “Strengthening of the National Tripartite Committee on Labour Relations and Freedom of Association in Guatemala for the effective application of international labour standards”

    11 October 2021

    This document contains an annual progress report on the implementation of the technical cooperation programme agreed between the Government and the social partners of Guatemala and the ILO. The Governing Body is invited to take note of the report (see the draft decision in paragraph 12).