December 2016

  1. 16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting

    6 - 9 December 2016

November 2016

  1. International Labour Standards and Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory, trends and prospects

    21 - 25 November 2016

    This five-day course seeks to foster a better understanding of the principles of the international labour standards as they relate to company operations and the implications for CSR policies and practices geared towards decent work and sustainable development.

  2. ILO and INSEAD Evidence Symposium: Promoting Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Growth and Decent Jobs

    14 - 15 November 2016

    The symposium brings together policy makers, academics and business leaders to the INSEAD Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi to share and discuss the latest cutting edge evidence on entrepreneurship and decent jobs in the MENA region on November 14-15th, 2016.

September 2016

  1. Meeting of Experts to Adopt Policy Guidelines for the Promotion of Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Targeting the Agro-food Sectors

    26 - 30 September 2016

August 2016

  1. An exposure visit of delegates from Pakistan to Nepal to Study Migrant Resource Centre Operations and Regulations

    7 - 11 August 2016

    Since the concept of Migrant Resource Centre is new to Pakistan, a delegation of six MRC staff from Lahore and Islamabad will participate in an exposure visit to Nepal to understand and learn in depth the day to day operations of MRC, outreach work of MRC, establishment and expansion of MRC and its services and management models of MRC with the support from ILO/EU funded project “South Asia Labour Migration Governance”.

July 2016

  1. Decent Work for Domestic Workers (DW4DW)

    1 July 2016

    ITC-ILO’s Decent Work for Domestic Workers training programme is a response to a global call for action and will promote an inter-regional dialogue among the different actors involved in the promotion of decent work for domestic workers and enhance their institutional capacities to ensure an adequate protection of domestic workers. The course will be offered in English and Spanish.

June 2016

  1. Decent work for domestic workers (DW4DW)

    27 June - 1 July 2016

  2. Launch of the Code of Conduct on Ethical Recruitment for Overseas Employment

    23 June 2016

    Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA) will unveil their National Action Plan (NAP) on Ethical Recruitment and will sign the code of conduct to show their commitment and action to promote ethical recruitment practices in Pakistan. POEPA has developed their sectoral Code of Ethical Conduct and NAP with the technical and financial support from ILO under EU funded project “South Asia Labour Migration Governance”.

May 2016

  1. 105th Session of the International Labour Conference

    30 May - 10 June 2016

  2. Mainstreaming migration into policy planning

    23 - 27 May 2016

    This course deals with the emergence and evolution of, and current trends in, migration and development (M&D) discourses, policies and practices. It explores the concept, process and implications of integrating migration in development planning and strategies at national and local level.