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Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) - Samoa, 1-4 September
Seasonal work in New Zealand picking fruit provides not only jobs for people from Pacific island countries, but also opportunities to return home with new skills. This and other successful labour migration schemes are being discussed at the Conference on Small Island Developing States taking place in Samoa.

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On the occasion of the International Symposium “Cooperatives and the Sustainable Development Goals: Focus on Africa” in Berlin, ILO Cooperative Unit (COOP) Chief Simel Esim explains why cooperatives are vital to reaching the goals of the United Nations’ post-2015 development agenda.

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ILO/WHO briefing note
Healthcare workers infected with the Ebola virus in Western Africa underscore the risks posed by all workers who come in to contact with the disease. The ILO and WHO have issued joint guidelines for employers and workers on Ebola, providing guidance on preventing the virus in the workplace.

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XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work
Each year 2.3 million people worldwide die from a work-related accident or disease. ILO Director-General announces renewed efforts to get compliance for health and safety standards at work around the globe.

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