Request for permission to reproduce ILO Copyright Material

The ILO welcomes all requests for the reproduction and copying of ILO material. Please choose an option below and submit the appropriate form:
  1. Request for photocopying
  2. Request for reproduction of extracts from print or digital publications
  3. Request for translations of print or digital publications
  4. Request for reprints

Alternatively, permission can be requested by email:

For International Labour Review inquiries, requests to reproduce or translate articles published up to 2007 should be addressed to:

Managing Editor, International Labour Review
International Labour Office, 4 Route des Morillons,
CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland

Requests to reproduce or translate articles published as of 2008 should follow the instructions provided in the Wiley Online Library

Please note that short excerpts may be reproduced without authorization on condition that the complete source is clearly indicated; abstracting and other journals may similarly reprint the synopses of Review articles provided in the table of contents.