The Standards Initiative: Follow-up to the joint report of the Chairpersons of the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations and the Committee on Freedom of Association - Consolidating tripartite consensus on an authoritative supervisory system

In follow-up to its earlier decisions in relation to the Joint report of the two Chairpersons in the context of the Standards Initiative, the Governing Body is invited to approve the workplan for the strengthening of the supervisory system; to request the Office to take the necessary steps to implement it based on the guidance received from the Governing Body, report on progress made at its 331st Session (November 2017) and review the workplan, as may be adjusted by the Governing Body during its 331st Session, in the context of its broader review of the Standards Initiative at its 332nd Session (March 2018) (see the draft decision in paragraph 42).