Follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work: Technical cooperation priorities and action plan regarding the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation

The document proposes the following thematic priorities on which the Office should focus over the next period: sex-based discrimination and gender equality; racial and ethnic discrimination; discrimination based on migrant status; and discrimination based on multiple grounds. The document further proposes that these thematic priorities be tackled using the following four priority areas of action: (a) promoting the relevant ILO instruments, including universal ratification of the two core Conventions on equality (Conventions Nos 100 and 111); (b) developing and sharing knowledge on the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation; (c) further developing the institutional capacity of ILO constituents to support more effectively the implementation of the fundamental right of non-discrimination at work; and (d) strengthening international partnerships with major international actors on equality.