Decision concerning the financial implications of the judgment of the Administrative Tribunal of the ILO concerning the decisions of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) regarding the revised post adjustment index for Geneva

Record of decisions | 31 October 2019

The Governing Body decided:

(a) to request the Director-General to implement, to the extent possible, measures to achieve under Part I of the budget sufficient savings to cover the unbudgeted cost of implementing the revised post adjustment multiplier during 2020–21, estimated at US$8.8 million, failing that, through the use of the provision for unforeseen expenditure, in Part II. Should this not prove possible, the Director-General would propose alternative methods of financing at a later stage in the biennium;

(b) to request the Director-General to propose to the Governing Body at its 338th Session (March 2020), if necessary, alternative methods of financing that might arise relating to the closure of the 76th financial period (2018–19); and

(c) to request the Office to consult with the ILO Staff Union on any proposal having consequences on conditions of work or employment of staff through internal social dialogue, and in keeping with the Staff Regulations.

(GB.337/PFA/1/2, paragraph 9, as amended by the Governing Body)