Decision concerning the addendum to the update on the headquarters building renovation and the security perimeter projects

Record of decisions | 29 October 2019
The Governing Body decided to:

(a) authorized the Director-General to finalize contractual terms for the sale of plot 4057 located in Geneva, consistent with the criteria set out in paragraph 4 of document GB.337/PFA/2(Add.1);

(b) recommended to the Conference that it approve, at its 109th Session (June 2020), in accordance with article 11.1 of the Financial Regulations, the transfer of the sale proceeds to the Building and Accommodation Fund by adopting a resolution in the following terms:

The General Conference of the International Labour Organization,

Decides that the net proceeds from the sale of the ILO-owned land, plot 4057 located in Geneva, Switzerland, be credited to the Building and Accommodation Fund; and

(c) decided that those proceeds required for the completion of the renovation of the headquarters building, including the security perimeter, be allocated for that purpose.

(GB.337/PFA/2(Add.1), paragraph 9)