Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises in Oman

What has been done:

The enabling environment for sustainable enterprises in Oman was assessed through a careful review of secondary data, findings from a national perception survey of Omani firms (including owners, CEOs, directors and general managers of companies), and supplementary information from published and unpublished materials. The perception survey was conducted in 2011 by a local consultancy firm (Arabian Research Bureau LLC) with the aim of identifying policy and advocacy strategies, and to inform the development of the EESE report. The survey focused on 9 of the 17 conditions.

The Survey and its sample:

A total of 150 enterprises were sampled (113 companies in Muscat, 15 in Salalah, 14 in Sohar and 8 in Sur) representing all major industries. The sample also included companies of different sizes (based on minimum capital requirements). Furthermore, the sample included about 10% of female owned and run enterprises.