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Employment protection legislation database - EPLex

EPLex provides information on all the key topics that are regularly examined in national and comparative studies on employment termination legislation. The information is broken down to cover more than 50 variables, and will be updated annually to facilitate analysis of impacts and trends over time. EPLex replaces the ILO's existing Digest on Termination of Employment Legislation.

EPLex is designed to be:
  • A reliable source of information.
  • A useful comparative tool for a wide range of different users - lawyers, economists, government officials, employers' and workers' organisations and lay readers.
  • Fully-searchable by countries and/or subjects.
  • Constantly up-dated and expanded.
  • Linked to comments made by the ILO's supervisory bodies on the Termination of Employment Convention (No. 158), available in the ILO's NORMLEX database.
  • Provide on-line access to national laws, principally through the ILO's NATLEX database.

The legislation governing termination of employment, like all labour legislation, reflects societal values and labour market conditions in a given period. As these evolve, this legislation will change as well. By tracking legislative developments over time, the database will illustrate the diversity of approaches taken to the important topic of termination of employment and provides the basis for further investigation.

In 2015, ILO used the legal information contained in this database to produce quantitative indicators of employment protection legislation in the area of regulating individual dismissals (regular contracts). These indicators are based on a new methodology developed jointly by ILO lawyers and economists. The methodology is based on the international labour standards, and the resulting indicators reflect the legal information of the EPLex database. These indicators are available for all countries and years covered by the database. The methodology for these indicators and results of coding are outlined in the Methodological Report and the quantitative indicators can be downloaded here.

We welcome any remarks, suggestions and new information (legislative changes, academic papers) at

The EPLex legal database is coordinated by Colin Fenwick and ValÚrie Van Goethem. The quantification of the legal information is coordinated by Janine Berg and Mariya Aleksynska.

Employment protection legislation database - EPLex

Last updated: 27.05.2020