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País: República de Corea - Month updated: December 2022

  1. República de Corea - - Ley

    Act On Public Holidays (Act No. 18291, Jul. 7, 2021). (공휴일에 관한 법률) - Legislation on-line in Korean and English

    Adopción: 2021-07-07 | KOR-2021-L-113816

    The purpose of this Act is to designate national public holidays, thereby ensuring uniformity in the operation of public days across various sectors of society.

  2. República de Corea - - Ley

    Act On The Employment Improvement Of Domestic Workers (Act No. 18285, Jun. 15, 2021). (가사근로자의 고용개선 등에 관한 법률) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2021-06-15 | KOR-2021-L-113813

    The purpose of this Act is to create high-quality jobs related to domestic services and promote employment stability and improvement of working conditions for domestic workers by stipulating matters regarding the working conditions of domestic workers and certification, etc. of domestic service providers.

  3. República de Corea - - Ley

    Act On The Encouragement Of Employment Of Job Seekers And The Support Of Their Livelihood Stability (Act No. 17431, Jun. 9, 2020). (구직자 취업촉진 및 생활안정지원에 관한 법률) - Legislation on-line in Korean and English

    Adopción: 2020-06-09 | KOR-2020-L-113817

    The purpose of this Act is to provide integrated employment assistance services and financial support to citizens who are struggling to find employment despite their ability and willingness to work, and thereby contribute to their job-seeking activities and livelihood stability.

  4. República de Corea - - Ley

    Economic And Social Development Commission Act (Wholly Amended by Act No. 15663, Jun. 12, 2018). (경제사회노동위원회법) - Legislation on-line in Korean and English

    Adopción: 2018-06-12 | KOR-2018-L-113818

    The purpose of this Act is to resolve social polarization, to promote social integration and to contribute to the balanced development of the national economy by establishing an Economic, Social and Labor Council that provides advice on request to the President, through which economic and social key players, such as laborers and employers, and the Government may have discussions on employment and labor policies, on economic and social policies related thereto, etc. based on mutual trust and cooperation, and by prescribing matters necessary for the organizational structure, operation, etc. thereof.

  5. República de Corea - - Ley

    Equal Employment Opportunity And Work-family Balance Assistance Act (Act No. 8781, Dec. 21, 2007). (남녀고용평등과 일·가정 양립 지원에 관한 법률) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2007-12-21 | KOR-2007-L-113820

    The purpose of this Act is to contribute not only to realizing equal employment for both genders by guaranteeing equal opportunities and treatment in employment between men and women in accordance with the principle of equality proclaimed in the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, by protecting motherhood, and by promoting the employment of women, but also to improving the quality of all the people's lives by assisting work-family balance of employees.

    Wholly revised and amended Act on Equal Employment and Support for Work-Family Reconciliation (Act No. 3989).

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