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Country: Iceland - Subject: Conditions of work

  1. Iceland - Conditions of work - Law, Act

    Holiday Allowance Act No. 30 of 1987. (Lög um orlof nr. 30/1987) - English translation

    Adoption: 1987-03-27 | Date of entry into force: 1988-05-01 | ISL-1987-L-36753

    All employees who receive remuneration have the right to a paid leave according to this Act. Each working month entitles one to two days leave. Absence due to sickness or injury is also counted as part of the working period if the employee receives wages for that period. Paid leave shall be taken continuously (at least 14 days) between 2 May and 15 September. If the employee cannot take the leave within this period because of his employer's wishes, the rest of the leave will increase by 25 . In the agricultural sector and in herring fishing, the paid leave can be taken anytime. Employers and employees can settle on other arrangements. The employer shall at least give the employee one month's notice on when to take the leave, after having taken into consideration his requests. If the employee cannot take his leave because of illness, he can get the amount paid. Art. 7 contains provisions on calculation of payments. If the employeer does not pay the leave, the employee can bring a claim to the Ministry of Social Affairs.

  2. Iceland - Conditions of work - Law, Act

    Act to amend Act on the 40 hour working week, No. 88/1971, No. 94/1982 .

    Adoption: 1982-12-31 | ISL-1982-L-36417

    Act declaring the first Monday in August as a public holiday.

  3. Iceland - Conditions of work - Law, Act

    Act amending the Act on the 40 hour working week, No. 88/1971., No. 25/1978.

    Adoption: 1979-05-22 | ISL-1979-L-36416

    Amendments concerning nightwork. Consolidated text.

  4. Iceland - Conditions of work - Law, Act

    Act Respecting Labourers' Right to Advance Notice of Termination of Employment and to Wages on Account of Absence through Illness and Accidents, No. 19/1979. (Lög um rétt verkafólks til uppsagnarfrests frá störfum og til launa vegna sjúkdóms- og slysaforfalla nr. 19/1979) - English translation

    Adoption: 1979-05-01 | ISL-1979-L-36766

    Stipulates that labourers who have served continuously for a year with parties engaging in business operations within the same trade are entitled to one month's advance notice of termination of employment. If engaged continuously for three years, the labourer is entitled to two months advance notice and after five years the notice is three months. The Act contains specific provisions concerning calculation of working period. All labourers who are excused from work on account of accident at work, on direct route to or from work or due to occupational diseases caused by it, shall receive payment of wages for daytime work for up to three months in accordance with the tariff under which the party concerned received wages. Labourers engaged continuously for one year shall not forfeit any of their wages for one month. If the labourer has worked three years he shall in addition retain his wages for one month, or for two months after five years work. Repeals Act No. 16 of 1958 with the same title.

  5. Iceland - Conditions of work - Law, Act

    Vacations Act (No. 87 of 1971).

    Adoption: 1971-12-24 | ISL-1971-L-17087

    Supersedes some provisions of Act No. 16 of 26 Feb. 1943 respecting holidays with pay (LS 1943 - Ice.1).

  6. Iceland - Conditions of work - Law, Act

    Act on the 40 hour working week, No. 88/1971. (Lög um 40 stunda vinnuviku nr. 88/1971) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1971-12-24 | ISL-1971-L-36393

    Concerns all labourers except for fishermen, labourers who work at home, domestic servants (unless they are hired under the terms of a labour union contract), and workers holding positions in which surveillance of working hours is difficult. The working week is forty hours, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise negotiated. Meal breaks (minimum of 30 minutes) are not included in the working hours. Holidays include the public holidays of the National Church, First Day of Summer (third Thursday in April), 1st of May, 17th of June (National Day), 24th of December and 31st of December from 1 p.m. Labour Unions are free to negotiate otherwise.

  7. Iceland - Conditions of work - Law, Act

    Act No. 54 of 1956 to amend Act No. 53 of 1921 on rest periods of fishermen on Icelandic trawlers.

    Adoption: 1954-04-09 | ISL-1954-L-36720

    Consolidated text.

  8. Iceland - Conditions of work - Law, Act

    Law on on Servants No. 22/1928. (Hjúalög) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1928-05-07 | ISL-1928-L-36698

    Contains provisions on servants younger than 21 years old. Concerns duration of contracts and annulment, wages, working conditions, transport and sickness cost.

  9. Iceland - Conditions of work - Law, Act

    Act No. 53 of 1921 on rest period of fishermen on Icelandic trawlers.

    Adoption: 1921-06-27 | ISL-1921-L-36694

    When a trawler is docked, general rules on working hours shall be applied, unless otherwise determined by labour contracts. While sailing or fishing, shifts shall not be longer than 6 hours. Each fisherman shall have at least 12 hours of rest during every 24 hours. Contracts for longer working hours shall be void. These rules cannot be applied in cases of emergency.

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