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Thaïlande (109,582) > Travailleurs à domicile (41)

Nom original: พระราชบัญญัติ คุ้มครองผู้รับงานไปทำที่บ้าน พ.ศ. ๒๕๕๓
Nom: Homeworkers Protection Act, B.E. 2553 [2010].
Pays: Thaïlande
Sujet(s): Travailleurs à domicile
Type de loi: Loi
Adopté le: 2010-09-29
Entry into force:
ISN: THA-2010-L-93545
Lien: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/natlex4.detail?p_isn=93545&p_lang=fr
Bibliographie: Legislation on-line Legislation on-line Foundation for Labour and Employment Promotion, Thailand PDF of Law in English PDF of Law in English (consulté le 2013-07-16)
Legislation on-line Legislation on-line Ministry of Labour, Government of Thailand PDF of Act in Thai PDF of Act in Thai (consulté le 2018-11-09)
Résumé/Citation: Extends labour protection to homeworkers. Defines 'Homework' as work that an employer in an industrial business has assigned to a person taking work for production or assembly outside the business establishment of the employer, or other work as set out in regulations. A 'Homeworker' means a person or a group of persons who agrees with an employer to undertake homework. 'Employer' means a business operator who agrees to employ a homeworker, regardless of whether the assignment of the job will be made through him, his representative or by a sub-contract.

Chapter 1 - General Provisions
Chapter 2 - Rights and Duties of Hirers and Home Workers
Chapter 3 - Remuneration
Chapter 4 - Safety in the Performance of Work
Chapter 5 - Home Work Protection Committee
Chapter 6 - Filing and Deliberation of Petitions
Chapter 7 - Labour Inspector
Chapter 8 - Penalty Provisions
Transitory Provisions
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