January 2023

  1. ILO, JCC and partners discuss amendments to cooperative legislation in the country

    27 January 2023

    The proposed modifications to the country’s cooperative law are meant to eventually lead to revised legislation, paving the way for an autonomous, inclusive and self-reliant cooperative movement in Jordan.

  2. ILO leads MENA leadership programme to promote a just transition to a green future of work

    20 January 2023

    Worker, employer and government representatives from the region met online to gain a better understanding gained a better understanding of how to shape policies to implement climate change commitments.

  3. Capacity building training for ILO constituents boosts efforts to reform social protection in Iraq

    19 January 2023

    The training is part of broader support to Iraq’s constituents in strengthening the social protection system in Iraq.

  4. The ILO and Yemen’s development fund pledge to further promote decent work for the most vulnerable

    18 January 2023

    A new agreement will see increased cooperation on generating labour market data, creating short term decent jobs, and promoting social protection and gender inclusion.

  5. The Government of Nigeria convenes a National Stakeholders’ Workshop on Labour Market Information System (LMIS)

    18 January 2023

    With support from the International Labour Organization (ILO), and within the framework of FAIRWAY global programmme, the Government of Nigeria has facilitated a National Stakeholders’ Workshop on Labour Market Information System (LMIS) from 11th - 14th of October 2022

  6. Norway increases funds for boosting social security for vulnerable workers in Jordan

    12 January 2023

    The new funding for the Estidama++ Fund in Jordan enhances the social security rights of vulnerable workers in the country by extending social security coverage.

  7. Businesses call for peace: positive effects of the truce on business performance in Yemen

    10 January 2023

    A new study by Yemeni business representatives highlights the positive effects of a 6-month truce on business performance and employment.

December 2022

  1. Jordan launches first ILO SCORE Training programme in the Middle East

    21 December 2022

    The training is set to improve SMEs’ productivity and working conditions in the agri-food sector in the country.

  2. Trade union federations in Kenya and Lebanon sign Memoradum of Understanding (MOU) to support and empower African workers in Lebanon

    20 December 2022

    In November 2022, the Kenyan Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU-K) and the National Federation of Worker and Employee Trade Unions in Lebanon (FENASOL) committed to inter-union collaboration on both sides of the migration corridor to create a more solid protection framework.

  3. Roundtable discussion on the integration of a public works programme in Iraq’s social protection landscape

    19 December 2022

    A roundtable discussion organised by the Ministry of Planning and ILO focused on a new paper that outlines factors and challenges that need to be considered in designing and integrating a public works programme within the social protection landscape in Iraq, in line with the Government of Iraq’s objectives and informed by international best practices.