Ressources on Employment Promotion in the Arab States

  1. ILO creates infrastructure jobs in earthquake-hit Syrian city

    12 May 2023

    An employment-intensive project creates decent jobs for community members affected by the earthquakes in the Syrian city of Aleppo, while rehabilitating infrastructure in damaged neighbourhoods.

  2. ILO work under the Humanitarian Development and Peace Nexus in the Arab States, with a focus on Employment-Intensive Investment Programmes (2022)

    28 March 2023

  3. Impact of the February 2023 Earthquakes on Employment and the Labour Market in Syria

    28 March 2023

    This note seeks to estimate the effect of the recent earthquakes on the employment and livelihoods sector in the affected areas in Syria and aims to understand the current situation and identify areas of need that require immediate action in order to support quick and inclusive recovery.

  4. ILO trains engineers on its employment-intensive infrastructure recovery approach in Syria

    21 March 2023

    The training took place in preparation of ILO emergency employment scheme in Aleppo, that will create decent jobs and rehabilitate destroyed infrastructure.

  5. ILO assigns $3.6 million of direct support to workers affected by the Türkiye and Syria earthquakes

    20 March 2023

    The ILO announced the allocation at a donors’ conference hosted in Brussels in support of victims of the earthquakes in the two countries.

  6. Trainers in Iraq complete process to become certified trainers in ILO's Start and Improve Your Business

    Implemented under PROSPECTS, the trainings will allow trainers to provide young entrepreneurs with the needed capacity building support to start or expand their businesses

  7. Academy on the Management of Vocational Training Centres in Iraq

    The five-day training was delivered by the International Training Centre of the ILO. It is part of a broader collaboration between the ILO and WFP, to strengthen the systems and capacities of selected Vocational Training Centres so they can better deliver market-relevant skills trainings and address skills mismatch.

  8. Italy and the ILO support private sector development in Southern Iraq’s green economy

    09 March 2023

    An agreement between the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the International Labour Organization will enhance support to private sector development and decent work creation, with a focus on green jobs.

  9. Erbil Citadel workers certified with cultural heritage-related skills following completion of training programme

    09 March 2023

    The training is part of a joint UNESCO/ILO/EU programme to support internally displaced persons, Syrian refugees and host community members to access decent employment in the cultural heritage sector.

  10. The journey of Samar, female entrepreneur in Iraq

    07 March 2023

    Following years of displacement and uncertainty, Samar from Mosul has set up a business making and selling sweets and pastries. She talks about her journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur, with the support of an ILO financial inclusion initiative providing entrepreneurs with trainings and loans to start or expand their businesses.