ILO/CEC EOSH trainers training workshop

With a view to enhance the capacity of OSH training of CEC and her branches, a trainers training is conducted with ILO newly-updated E-Learning package on Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) for workers and supervisors.


For many years, ILO and CEC have jointly conducted a series of activities related to Occupational Safety and Health to improve awareness and strengthen capacity building among employers and local CECs. Occupational Safety and Health needs not just a change of philosophy, but also need actions to be done at enterprise level to create a good safety and health environment.

At present, China is in its process of industrialization effected various factors such as its overall level of development of productive forces, imbalance development of industries and regions, and the prominent contradictions affecting OSH still exist. With the sounding of laws and regulations on OSH and reflecting the current international trends toward proactive risk assessment and control at work with practical procedures, participatory action-oriented approaches are gaining importance in various sectors. In such circumstances, it is very important for CEC to enhance the capacity of OSH training.


  • To build the capacity of CEC to conduct OSH training;
  • To compile updated training guide toolkit fitted to Chinese situation.