HIV/AIDS and the World of Work Branch (ILOAIDS)

Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination. Zero AIDS-Related Deaths. Implement the ILO Recommendation on HIV and AIDS (No.200).

AIDS is a workplace issue because it has a marked impact on workers, their families and dependants, enterprises and national economies. More >>

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  1. Our impact, their voice

    Educated, empowered, inspired: HIV risk reduced

    16 May 2016,

    A novel programme helped HIV vulnerable women in southern Africa build business to improve their lives and the wellbeing of their families.

  2. Publication

    Educated Empowered Inspired - Transforming lives through the response to HIV and AIDS in East and Southern Africa

    16 March 2016,

    Poverty, gender inequality and social exclusion continue to pose major challenges to HIV prevention efforts. Between 2011 and 2016, the ILO, in partnership with Sida, implemented an innovative economic empowerment programme amongst hard-to -reach populations in transport corridors and vulnerable communities in Southern and East Africa, with the aim of reducing their vulnerability to the HIV epidemic. This publication presents the outcomes of this innovative approach and the effects it had on its beneficiaries.

  3. News

    ILO addressed Human Rights Council panel discussion on HIV and AIDS human rights

    11 March 2016,

    The ILO participated in the HRC panel discussion held to review progress made in addressing human rights in the context of the epidemic, and addressed the challenges yet to be overcome in efforts to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. The ILO highlighted that, to achieve this goal, it is essential to ensure effective protection of human rights at work through the application of international labour standards and implementation of workplace policies and programmes. The ILO also shared information about its Voluntary Counselling and Testing for Workers (VCT@Work) Initiative.

  4. News

    Stand up for Zero Discrimination against LGBT people at Work

    01 March 2016,

    I mentioned to an old friend a while back that we at the ILO were carrying out research on discrimination toward lesbian, gay, transgendered people and bisexuals (LGBT) in the workplace. His response – and this was coming from a gay man mind you – was why? Why should the ILO or anyone else care about what a worker does on their own time? Read more...

  5. News

    ILO published article on access to HIV services in closed settings in Harvard Health and Human Rights Journal

    03 February 2016,

    Prisons and other closed settings are high-risk environments for HIV and tuberculosis (TB) transmission. High infection rates in prisons affect both prisoners and prison employees. ILO’s HIV and AIDS Recommendation, 2010 (No. 200) affirms the principle of universal access to HIV services and provides guidance for the implementation of policies and programmes on HIV, AIDS, and TB for prison workplaces which can benefit both prisoners and prison employees.