1. Promoting Gender Equality and Enterprise Formalization in Nigeria – Constituents agree on the methodologies of two project studies

    27 September 2022

    Between June and July 2022, ILO-Abuja held two consultation workshops in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, in partnership with the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA). The purpose of the workshops was to present and discuss with constituents the methodologies of two assessments to be carried out under the 20-month project Promoting Gender Equality and Formalization through Women’s Entrepreneurship Development in Lagos and River states. Based on the assessments, the project aims to support key actors in the business ecosystem to adopt approaches and policies that respond to the needs of women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, with a focus on those active in the informal economy.

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    In Morocco, a renewed hope for former child domestic workers

    27 September 2022

    Meet Ghizlan. At age 12 she worked as a child domestic worker when she should have been attending school. See how Morocco is changing laws and attitudes to protect children like Ghizlan.

  3. Call for Participants: Youth Advisory Group on Digital Jobs

    18 September 2022

  4. Harnessing the power of technology: delivering cost-effective digital training on child labour to field officers in remote areas using mobile phones

    06 September 2022

    Experience of ACCEL Mali with VIAMO

  5. In Uganda, the ACCEL project provides opportunities to vulnerable youth through life and technical skills training

    06 September 2022

  6. Accelerated schooling strategy (SSA/P) in Mali

    01 September 2022

    The International Labour Organization (ILO), through the ACCEL Africa and CLEAR Cotton projects, with the financial support of the Japanese Association for the Progress of ILO Activities, delivered on July 21, 2022, in Bamako, kits of school supplies and textbooks to 800 children benefiting from the accelerated schooling strategy (SSA/P).

  7. Termes de référence: Recrutement d’une organisation à but non-lucratif pour appuyer des Groupes de Prestation de Services (GPS) à offrir des services durables pour s’attaquer aux causes profondes de travail des enfants au Mali

    31 August 2022

    L’objectif général est d’appuyer 20 Groupes de Prestations de Services (GPS) existants, composés notamment par des femmes, à améliorer leur offre de service. Les objectives spécifiques sont de: • Renforcer leurs capacités d’organisation et d’accompagner leur processus de formalisation • Développer le business case/model pour offrir de service, notamment de main d’oeuvre, d’une manière durable. Date limite de candidature : 18 septembre

  8. Validation workshop to adopt the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to combat child labour

    31 August 2022

  9. Egypt combats Child Labour by promoting and disseminating knowledge about children’s rights through SCREAM

    29 August 2022

  10. Empowering women to participate in the green transition of Mbao, Senegal

    25 August 2022

    Training of market gardening groups and women farmers from the classified forest of Mbao with ILO's Start and Improve Your (Green) Business tool.

  11. Decent apprenticeship training

    26 July 2022

    Within the framework of supporting the promotion of the training and vocational progression to combat child labour as part of the “National Action Plan for Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Egypt and Supporting Family (2018-2025)”, Accelerating Action for the Elimination of Child Labour in supply chains in Africa (ACCEL Africa) Project, implemented by the ILO and funded by the Dutch government in partnership with the "Technical Support for the Comprehensive Technical Education Initiative with Egypt” (TCTI) Project implemented by GIZ Egypt on behalf of the German government, had successfully provided awareness training on decent apprenticeship for more than 500 apprentices of the dual education system in Beheira, Alexandira, Sharkia and Fayoum governorates.

  12. To fight child labour in Burkina Faso, education stakeholders built their capacities in Koudougou

    22 July 2022

    The Permanent Secretariat of the Accelerated Schooling Strategy (Stratégie de Scolarisation Accélérée/Passerelle - SSA/P) of the Ministry of Education, Literacy and promotion of National Languages of Burkina Faso strengthen its action against child labour. During a workship held from 22 to 24 June 2022 in Koudougou, the stakeholders of the SSA/P, strengthened their knowledge on child labour, with the support of two ILO projects and the Directorate for the Fight against Child Labour of the Ministry of Labour.

  13. Social security workshop - thumb

    13 July 2022


  14. The ILO receives an award during Free State Provincial EPWP Summit Awards Ceremony

    13 July 2022

    Extended Public Works Programme

  15. ILO, Governments of South Africa and Switzerland launch “Productivity Ecosystems For Decent Work” Programme

    13 July 2022

    The Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work Programme identifies root causes of low productivity and decent work deficits and develops capacity and ownership of local and national actors to address them.

  16. Closed calls for consultants and implementing partners

    12 July 2022

  17. Egypt celebrates the World Day Against Child Labour with a solid commitment to supporting eradicating the worst form of Child Labour in the country.

    27 June 2022

    The ACCEL Africa project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower of Egypt, organized an event to commemorate the World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL).

  18. Launch of the ITEF Platform: a private sector initiative supported by the ACCEL Africa project to strengthen the engagement and efforts in the fight against child labour and forced labour in Côte d’Ivoire.

    25 June 2022

    The ITEF platform aims to advocate with public authorities on the expectations of the private sector and contribute to the reporting system, particularly in the context of the ILO standards. The purpose is to position Côte d'Ivoire as a responsible sourcing destination by improving its long-term access to global markets.

  19. Stratégie de Scolarisation Accélérée (SSA/P) Passerelle in Mali: children beneficiaries of 8-12 years old are reintegrated in the formal circuit of education after 9 months of learning

    20 June 2022

    Accelerated Schooling Strategy – or Stratégie de Scolarisation Accélérée (SSA/P) Passerelle

  20. Stakeholders of the Mali mining sector got together to discuss the implementation of the CRAFT Code as a tool to promote the elimination of child labour in the Artisanal Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM) sector through improved due diligence practices

    14 June 2022

    The CRAFT Code, developed by Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and RESOLVE, is designed to help both upstream and downstream players in the value chain assess critical social and environmental risks, with a specific focus on empowering artisanal miners to improve their practices in order to create better working environments as well as access to global markets and better trading conditions.